Christian Live Streaming Network

Spreading the Gospel Through The Power of Digital Media


PropheticFlowTV has been launched as a media platform for the broad spectrum of Christian values and interests respectively. We are a Streaming Media Company that will assist your ministry in getting its message beyond your local church and spread it throughout the globe.

With PropheticFlowTV, we have the capability of allowing your special-events, worship services, conferences, and bible studies to be not only Live, but also recorded for later viewing – Video On Demand, provides your viewers with a menu of available videos from which to choose.

For those desiring to Live Stream, but do not have a website, we can create a webpage and mobile app that will allow Live Streaming on any device. We can be reached at 416-477-1217.

Web Page & Mobile App

For those who do not have a website we can create a page and mobile app for you that will allow streaming on any device; see the FAQ page for more details.

Live Streaming

Expand your congregation and allow others throuhout the nation and globe to enjoy your services through various type of media.

On Demand

With many messages of encouragement and gospel artist for you to choose from, theirs no waiting for your favorite artist of message to be seen using On-Demand.


Some frequently asked questions that you may have are as follows:

Q: Why choose a PAID live streaming service over a FREE live streaming service?

A: ALL free live streaming providers show ADs on top of your video right below your video page. These intrusive ads cannot be controlled and will also put your church in a position of promoting products to your viewers which are not part of your Live Streaming.

Q: What help will I need to start my Live Stream?

A: We will send you an instructional video that will assist you in entering the correct parameters into the Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder 3.2 fields for your usage, Click Here to get a FREE COPY of Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder, NOW!

Q: Where will visitors watch our online Live Streaming?

A: For most visitors, it will be easy to watch your live stream right inside your church website. We simply embed the live player into any page on your site you desire.

Q: What equipment is necessary to broadcast our live stream?

A: You need a computer, an Internet connection, a video camera, and a video capture card. If your computer can see whatever is showing on your video camera or webcam, it means you have a valid connection and are ready for live streaming.

Q: Are there any contracts or long term commitments with your streaming service?

A: There are NO contracts or long term commitments with our streaming service. You pay monthly for your service and can cancel at any time.

Q: Is your streaming service only for churches?